Email Responsibility

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for SPAM or unsolicited mail of any sort. We offer a free service which allows an end user to request an email reminder (NotePoke) which they set up on their own.

1. Sign-up requires a user to confirm the sign-up request via email - if the user does not confirm or did not solicit the request they will no longer receive emails of any sort from us ever (unless they choose to sign-up with another account)
2. Each Email sent to a user is made by their request by setting up a 'NotePoke' - we do not send unsolicited email
3. Each NotePoke Email sent has an unsubscribe link which will prevent any further email being sent to their address
4. We have an 'Unsubscribe' feature within the user control panel - it is a simple checkbox that will opt them out of all future NotePoke Emails
5. We do not purchase email lists or spam sign-up requests - any request for sign-up or a NotePoke Email reminder is made by the end-user

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