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NotePoke is a FREE Email reminder service. Never again will you forget a birthday, anniversary, bill payment and more! Setup reminders for often forgotten items like changing the furnace filter, batteries in the CO2 / smoke detectors, Immunizations / Doctor Physicals, Passport / License renewals, bill payments, appointments / meetings and more!

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You forget, I forget, we all forget (and it gets us in trouble!)

Set once and we can send you NotePoke Email Reminders FOREVER so you never forget again! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Appointments / Meetings, Bills / Payday, Holidays and more! We're always adding new Birthdays and events, the list gets longer as our memory gets shorter! We'll remind you every time they happen, year after year - we remember so you don't have to!



In the doghouse!

Sleeping on the couch every few months because you forgot an anniversary or special day? Not anymore! Become the super mindful, incredible thoughtful person your significant other knows you are (or at least thinks you are, wink!)



I don't love you anymore!

Oh boy. You forget once, shame on you, you forget twice and it's going to cost you a big fat shiny pony in a pink bow to make up for a forgotten birthday! Pony poop smells *really* bad btw

Bills / PayDay


But we NEED electricity for the Internet!

Cable, Internet, Insurance, BILLLLS ARRRRGH! It's probably good to make sure like the electricity bill gets paid on time. Unless of course you have glow in the dark Twister. In that case disregard and stop paying bills immediately!

So here's how our free NotePoke Email reminders work.

It's so simple even I can understand it. 30 seconds is all it takes before you start receiving permanent reminders, you'll never forget again!



Dude / Dudette - it takes 30 seconds (if you're a slow poke...get it, slow'poke'?!? Bahahaha We have a terrible sense of humour). Name (so we can greet you), Email (so we know where to send reminders), and Password (security, DUH!). There is also some optional crap.

Set Reminders


This is a breeze - set your date, the birthday, anniversary, reminder or whatevs and we'll do the tough part, hold on to it til ya need it! It's not easy remembering everything with all the distractions in the worl---whoa hey look, SQUIRREL!

Get reminders


Dazzle, impress and astound your friends with your seemingly photographic like memory. Make elephants jealous - never forget anything, ever, for any reason. People will question whether or not you have superhero powers, seriously!

And if you don't sign up?

I can't imagine why you wouldn't sign-up for FREE, honestly, I can't believe you haven't signed up yet. Let's go!


Forgot imporant event!

Uh-oh. I forgot (insert important event here), oh no! (Insert forgotten person's event name here) is going to be upset. Panic sets in. Sweats. How am I going to explain this. I need an excuse!


You, you, FORGOT!

It wasn't the first time you forgot, but it can be the last! Never again will you find yourself in an awkward 'uh sorry, I uh, you know, have had a lot on the go and stuff'.'


Feel crappy.

Dissapointment - we really hate this word! Sit in the corner, in the dark, scolding yourself for being a terrible friend, husband, girlfriend, etc. There is no reason to feel like this - sign-up!

Questions? Comments? Itching to get in touch about our Free NotePoke Email (and soon to be SMS) reminder service?

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