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Hi, thanks for stopping by. The team is getting pretty so we can take their pictures. In the meantime you've got me - Emperor NotePoke, making FREE Email Reminders available, and as awesome as possible! I am passionate about our users, our technology and generally making the world a better and easier place to live in. We launched this service because there is just so darn much stuff to remember these days, it seems we're making new friends and creating new important dates and events, but we keep forgetting! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Appointments, Bill payments - people get mad and think we don't care, how do we keep track of it all?!? We can't track it all on Facebook, heck a lot of folks don't expose their birthday or even have Facebook and you sure can't set an Anniversary reminder. We can't track it on our phones because we change them so often and they really don't track calendar events year after year very well, actually at all. The only constant seems to be our Email address - whether at home, the office, on the run with your phone we check our Email often to stay on top of the important things in our lives. Here's to hoping this will make your life easier - we're sure it will. Welcome to NotePoke!

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